Fortis: Your Partner in Providing Mining Solutions

Fortis is building a name for itself by innovating like no other mining company in Canada.

What began as a fabrication and machining business as part of its parent company, Northern Strands, Fortis has evolved to become a remarkable turn-key operation serving the mining industry.


Infrastructure: Critical Ingredient in the Economic Recipe

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the underpass or bridge you go through or over every day on the way to work? To most of us, the idea it isn’t up to standards is pretty much unthinkable.


Saskatchewan Culinary Tourism on the Rise

Over the last decade, a new trend has emerged — food tourism. Defined by the World Food Tourism Association as “the pursuit and enjoyment of unique and memorable food and drink experiences, both far and near,” food tourism is becoming a major local and international force.



Fashion as an Industry in Saskatchewan

The fashion industry in Saskatchewan is demanding more attention. With events such as Saskatchewan Fashion Week in Regina (SFW) and the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival, the province’s fashion industry is gaining well deserved exposure. Streaming these events live on the Internet adds to the momentum.


Infrastructure for Business Growth

Can you grow your business to be three times as large? Or, are you avoiding dramatic growth because you’re not sure how you could handle it?


Oil & Gas Royalties

The publisher of this magazine indicated a lot of people talk about oil and gas royalties and express opinions as to whether royalties are at reasonable levels. However, when people are questioned about specifics, very few know how royalties are set, how much money the government of Saskatchewan receives annually from oil and gas royalties and whether royalties are fair to all stakeholders — the main ones being the people of Saskatchewan and the companies who are producing oil and gas in the province.


The Future is Limitless for Biotechnology in Saskatchewan

A Saskatchewan farmer uses microbial inoculants and biostimulants (microorganisms that promote plant growth and health) instead of traditional agrochemicals on her crops to give them a strong start and protect them through to harvest. Her farm’s healthy and robust crops of pulses, grains and oilseeds are used in Canada and around the world to feed its growing population.



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